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Art Martinez

Art Martinez

Position: Director of Social Services

Organization: La Habra Convalescent


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Art is the Director of Social Services for La Habra Convalescent.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Art is the "happiest guy in the world" - yes, I've heard family and visitors say that about him because no matter how his day is going there is always a smile on his face and a kind word for anyone he comes into contact with. I know he must have a clearly written job description, but I doubt he even knows it because he seems to be helping everyone in every situation, from a confused resident who thinks he's their son to a concerned family member worried about a safe transition home. In addition to what he does in the facility, Art and a friend of his have spent Sundays for over a year helping seniors at his church by taking them grocery shopping, spending time with them to make sure they've got everything they need and putting away their groceries when they have no family to help. No one asked them to do this, it's not a formal church program - he saw the need and he found a way to fill it. And that is Art in a nutshell - he sees a need and he quietly goes about finding a way to meet it with no thought to how much time it might take out of his own life. To me, that's heroic!