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Katie Nguyen

Katie Nguyen

Position: Nurse

Organization: Saddleback Hospital


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
I don't know a lot about Katie other than how she helped my husband and myself during our very difficult time last Fall when he was at Saddleback Hospital. I hope you can find her and get a photo of her because she truly needs to be recognized!

Why should this person be nominated
Katie took care of ME when my husband, Cal was admitted! BTW, I may be in this industry but I AM officially a senior! Anyway, I had been sleeping at the hospital in his room and I had to sleep on a lounge chair, which wasn't very comfortable. Katie went into action and found me 3 folding chairs and a large chair that I was able to put together so I could lie flat at night. I vowed to nominate her for a Senior Care Hero Award when the time came, because she made such a difference in my comfort so I could be there for and with my husband during his difficult hospital stay. She is an angel and I hope this nomination is accepted. Thank you for the opportunity to give back to an exceptional person - Katie Nguyen!