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Claire G. Stowell, MSPT

Claire G. Stowell, MSPT

Position: Founder

Organization: LifeTime Physical Therapy


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Claire Stowell is the Founder of Lifetime Physical Therapy, which specializes in Concierge PT for the patients that she serves. Claire has a Master’s in Physical therapy from Texas Women’s University and 12 years experience in the profession. In addition to a PT degree she was certified by the American Physical Therapy Association as a “Certified Exercise Expert for Aging Adults,” CEEAA. She specializes in treating patients diagnosed with osteoporosis and osteopenia, providing safe exercises to help build bone and muscle strength. In Yorba Linda she provides a class called “Stand Tall,” a posture correction course taught every Tuesday morning at the Yorba Linda Community Center. “I have seen patients restore some of the height they have lost over the years and many have improved bone density scores through exercise and medical management with their physician.”

Claire says, “After working in many physical therapy settings, including hospitals, rehabilitation centers, pediatrics, and sports medicine, I became aware that the best physical therapy is delivered one-on-one. I started Lifetime Physical Therapy Inc. in 2008 to provide quality outpatient therapy in the home of each patient. Offering therapy in the home allows each physical therapist to identify the challenges and habits that are contributing to each unique diagnosis and the problems contributing to the pain”.

Why should this person be nominated
I had the pleasure being introduced to Claire through a mutual patient that RAVED about her acumen and professionalism as the premier one-on-one physical therapist in the OC. This is what he had to say;

“What a wonderful, professional and caring company! My wife and I have used Claire and her staff on many occasions and we cannot say enough about them. Their knowledge, honesty, integrity, and genuine caring concern is really beyond words. We are seniors with various ailments, including Parkinson's, as well as back and shoulder injuries. We bless the day we discovered Claire. The convenience of the in home therapy is invaluable to older people. She and her staff understand seniors and their needs. I cannot say enough about Lifetime. Look no further if you, your parents or grandparents need physical therapy.”

It has been the great of pleasure of 24Hr Homecare to work with Claire! She is always willing to go the extra mile and exemplifies all of the qualities necessary to ensure that our seniors are receiving the intervention they need to stay independent.