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Andrew DeSerio

Andrew DeSerio

Position: Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Organization: PIH Health


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Andrew DeSerio has been a medical social worker since 1993. All of his experiences have been in the Healthcare field, including Acute Care Hospital and Dialysis Centers. Currently, Andrew works in the Observation Unit at PIH Health Whittier. He plays a critical role in discharge planning, patient placement and family social issues. His expertise makes him shine as he consistently exceeds expectations of patients and families. He is a vital component to the HealthCare Team. Andrew has won "The Employee of the Month Award" at PIH Health. Andrew continues to share his knowledge and experiences with newly hired Social Workers.

(I graduated from USC School of Social Work in the health concentration. My strengths as a social worker are interest in others, desire to give assistance, commitment to the field, an energetic approach to work, and the willingness to learn. In the hospital the medical social worker has a critical role in the area of discharge. As a valued member of the healthcare team, following the integrated model of care management, my commitment is to patient's first and the organization that I work for. I am privileged and honored to work at PIH Health Hospital who support social workers in putting the safety and well being and medical condition a primary concern at all times.
It's the little things and the joy they bring. That's what keeps a smile on my face.

what comes to mind are some of the lyrics of a song by Louis Armstrong, "and I think to myself, what a wonderful world.")

Why should this person be nominated
Andrew DeSerio is very conscientious and compassionate when comes to his patient and their families. He goes above and beyond in every aspect. For instance as his co-worker, I have witnessed first hand his determination and caring gestures. There was a patient that was evicted from his senior apartment after being there for 25 years. Andrew collaborated with Adult Protective Services and community resources to assist in finding a home for this patient. On his day off, Andrew went searching for low cost apartments for this patient. The outcome was successful. He found an affordable placement for the patient. This is why he shines and is our hero. He tries to make a difference with each and every patient and their families.