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Rhonda Sausedo

Rhonda Sausedo

Position: Director of Emergency

Organization: Placentia-Linda Hospital


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Rhonda Sausedo is an avid patient advocate who is constantly pushing for the evolution of the Emergency Department to meet the needs of our seniors. She has an impressive 34 years of nursing experience and has worked for Placentia-Linda Hospital for more than 17 years. She has always been a brilliant and compassionate nurse, and carried that dedication with her when she took the position of Director of Emergency Services. Since then, she has created policy and procedure to help protect our vulnerable populations and ensure guidance for staff nurses. She has streamlined our Senior Track project with dedicated rooms and services for our senior population, as well as encouraged the education and advanced certification of our bedside nurses in emergency geriatric services. Rhonda is an incredible leader and inspires all those around her, patient and staff alike.

Why should this person be nominated
Rhonda led the team to begin renovation of the Emergency Department and create the Senior Track beds tailored to the comfort and unique accommodations of our senior population. The Senior Track consists of four rooms dedicated to easing the transition of seniors into the Emergency Department. These rooms feature easily-legible clocks, custom lighting, prominent hand rails and comforting decor. Rhonda went around to local nursing homes and care facilities to recruit awareness of the program, and invite seniors to tour the rooms and speak with the staff. She orchestrated an open house and invited local residents to tour the new addition and learn about how our ED is evolving to accommodate our senior population. She has been active in pursuing NICHE certification, and began a program to encourage her staff to become Geriatric certified, even fought for the staff to be reimbursed for an expensive GENE certification course, enabling everyone to have added expertise in caring for our senior population. Rhonda is an exceptional Director who is dedicated not only to our patients, but to the constant improvement and awareness of her staff, especially with our senior patients.