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Kelly Ewing

Kelly Ewing

Position: President

Organization: Outreach Solutions, LLC


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Kelly Ewing is a dedicated professional with more then 23 years of experience, serving seniors by providing mobile laboratory and radiology services to residents who live at a skilled nursing facility (SNF) or are home bound. This service allows the resident to receive the x-ray or blood draw, while staying in their bed, instead of being transported to another location.

He also works with acute care hospitals, helping them expand their valuable services into the community, creating a strong local option for residents in the area.

Why should this person be nominated
Kelly started as the Director of Marketing for Hospital Services Laboratory in 1991, and quickly understood the need for fast, accurate results and outstanding customer service. The residents were extremely compromised, and the clinical team was unable wait for national, physician targeted laboratories to provide next day results. His strong work ethic and passionate approach helped the company to expand to 155 SNF's throughout Southern CA.

Since he began, he has held several senior level positions at various companies, but ultimately decided to start his company to fill a growing need in the industry. The acuity level of the patients continued to expand, so he decided to partner with local hospitals and help them to expand to meet the needs of the residents who lived in their local SNF's. This dramatically improved the quality, service and test result turn around times.

He also created PLAN (pooled access laboratory network), which partnered hospitals from San Diego to Northern CA in an effort to increase geographic coverage, and still benefit from the high standards of a local provider. The goal was to focus on cooperation, instead of competition so we could better serve the needs of the residents.

Kelly is truly making a difference, not just making a living!