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Tina Roth

Tina Roth

Position: Project Manager of Mission Services

Organization: St Jude Heritage


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Tina has been working with seniors for 15+ years advocating for patients. She was started working with the frail elderly in the skilled nursing facility setting where patients require a high level of nursing care and have various issues and concerns. She is such an expert in being able to handle the most difficult and complicated cases and making it look so easy. She has acquired a long history of case management and had conducted a multitude of home visits with patients who are in crisis and in need. She has such a wealth of knowledge when it comes to resources in the community. She is the guru of any resource you need, she either has it or knows about. Tina has also developed many protocols/policies as well as presented for physicians, nurses and other medical staff on various topics such as APS/CPS reporting, suicide, and POLST. She has also won the Values in Action Award for St Jude Heritage due to her dedication and compassionate work with seniors.

Why should this person be nominated
Tina has such a knack for handling very complicated and difficult cases with such grace. She had a patient who had mental illness, chronic medical conditions, non-compliant with their care and had a very strained relationship with his family. This patient had burned every relationship wit his family and with the medical community. No one wanted to talk or deal with this patient and everyone was fed up with him. Tina was very persistent with working on building a relationship with the patient and the family and was able to get the patient access to care and attend MD appointments and psychiatric care, community resources such as MOW and transportation and assist the family to have a better understanding of the patient's illness and refer them to NAMI and support groups. She was able to provide case management and preserve the patient's dignity and make him feel valued in the process. She has the ability to discuss such sensitive topics such as end of life with patients and family members with such compassion and dignity. Tina also is an advocate for end of life concerns and is a avid supporter of POLST. She has provided many in-services to staff and has educated many patients and their family on POLST and the importance of end of life planning. It never ceases to amaze me on the passion of her work with seniors and always ensuring that seniors have a voice and are able to access all avenues of care and services in the community. I cannot think of a better person who dedicates their time to helping and advocating for our seniors. Tina is a true senior care hero!