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Dan Taylor

Dan Taylor

Position: Social Worker Golden Years Department

Organization: South Coast Global medical Center


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dan is one of the Social Workers on our Golden Years Department which is a Senior Mental Health Unit. He works exceptionally well with families to help ensure that their loved ones get the care needed and helps top place patients after their stay in the best and safest place.

Why should this person be nominated
Dan will continue to help families with their senior members even after they have been discharged. Dan takes calls from the families of former patients and will help place them in facilities even when are the loved one is not a current patient. He did this for my best friend's mother who needed to be moved from one outside facility to another several months after the mom had been a patient on the Golden Years unit. He always has the best interests of the patients uppermost in his mind. He is compassionate and caring.