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Martha Mowatt

Martha Mowatt

Position: Social Worker, Sr.

Organization: Caremore


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
She is a social worker for Caremore.

Why should this person be nominated
Martha is a wonderful social worker she is so caring and goes above and beyond for all her patients. Martha has been working as a social worker for many years and is our go to person for resources. Martha is always willing to help any of her fellow colleagues and especially our CareMore members. An example of the great work she does is her work with Mr. A. who has many medical comorbidities including being wheelchair bound and unable to speak without a device. Mr. A does not have good family support and his family many times is working against his wellbeing. Mr. A. became homeless and needed placement. Martha worked tirelessly to get him into the Assisted Living Waiver Program and get him into an Assisted Living Facility. During her time working with Mr. A, his electric wheelchair malfunctioned while he was out on the street and he became stranded. He called Martha for assistance and a lot of patients she was able to figure out his location. Martha dropped everything and proceeded to try to assist him because it was dangerous for Mr. A to be on a street without a working wheelchair. It is difficult in understanding Mr. A and Martha went to where Mr. A was stranded to try to help him. Martha was able to assist Mr. A in finding a friend of his to pick him up and pick up his electric wheelchair. Whenever Mr. A needs assistance Martha has been there for him and this at times can be challenging because he is difficult to understand over the phone and he continues to want to be independent. Martha has shown time and time again how resources she is in trying to come up with workable and creative plans for our CareMore members and she will always go that extra mile to help. Martha is not only a fantastic social worker, but a wonderful co-worker and friend. Martha truly exemplifies what a social worker is and she is deserving of being recognized for her work and dedication.