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Soula Thomas

Soula Thomas


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What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
This is my wife, who is heroic in the way she takes care of me.

Why should this person be nominated

I have always been and still am a happy-go lucky fellow, physically and mentally active.
I attribute most of my happiness and great home care to my lovely and very caring wife of 64 eventful years. She‘ll be 91 on September 8th.

I’m 92. My seven physical ailments began about eight years ago, when I fell to the floor.
Soula called 911 for my first ambulance ride to Kaiser Hospital. After a series of extensive tests, the doctor informed us, “We will need to operate. You broke your right femur. That’s the large bone in your leg.”

Soula phoned our three adult children. We are a very close, happy, and caring family. They all came to the hospital. Two of them and Soula stayed until midnight, and then drove homeward.

In mid morning, the next day, Soula returned in time to hear the doctor tell us, “The operation went very well… no complications. We’ll keep Bill here a few days and then he’ll have to be in physical rehabilitation for a short while, and then go home.”

From that day on, Soula became my special home care hero. At home, she began sorting the thirteen medicines I am required to take for all my ailments.

Due to my spinal-stenosis, neuropathy, and arthritic ailments, I no longer drive a car. I began my two new methods of personal transportation, first with a walker, and eventually rolling around in a wheelchair.

Soula rolls the heavy wheelchair into the backseat of our car despite only being five feet tall, and weighing about 100 pounds, but she has figured out how to push the wheelchair in using her ingenuity, and not depending on others to help her.

Fortunately, Soula is an excellent driver, taking me to all my medical and dental appointments, and driving us to the movies, family gatherings, restaurants, and to watch our grandkids perform in their high school stage performances.

She also makes time to attend church services and participate in other church-related festivals. We attend two Veterans organizations’ monthly meetings. She serves as the Chaplain in the VFW Auxiliary.

For my diabetes situation, she shops and cooks even more selectively for the best foods. She prepares all my meals. Her excellent cooking has kept my diabetes well under control.

I continue to do all the personal tasks I can do, but so many I can’t do. I need to rely on my loving wife to drive the car, shop, cook, bake, do the housecleaning and laundry, etc., AND many of the household chores I used to do, such as all the gardening, gathering the trash, and wheeling the trash barrels out to the curb.

Soula is a “race walker” and greatly admired by young and old for her winning competiveness. She has competed and won over seventy medals and ribbons in national and international contests. She won a gold medal in Finland and assorted gold, silver, and bronze medals in Australia, England, Spain, Italy, and in numerous stateside contests.

She also attends aerobic exercise sessions two mornings per week and walks three to five miles on other mornings.

Many people have told her how inspired and motivated they are by her physical activities and hope they can be as agile and active as she is at her age.

I appreciate Soula’s loving, wifely, and motherly care and her quick and efficient attentiveness to my needs, her concern for my comfort and ultimate, hopefully potential recovery.

I have fallen quite a few times but Soula was always there to help me get up.
Unfortunately, she has suffered some of her own back pains. We have now obtained professional assistance for the housecleaning, and someone to attend to some of my personal needs.

Soula still remains very active in my care with no hesitation or griping. She willingly tends to all my needs, and then some. I’m blessed to have her, especially now, with all my physical ailments.

Because of Soula’s dedication to me, we as a couple, can live in our lovely home instead of residing in a rest home or in an assisted living home.


It is my greatest pleasure to nominate and vote SOULA THOMAS as MY SPECIAL SENIOR CARE HERO.


Bill Thomas