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Jose DeSouza, MD

Jose DeSouza, MD

Position: Family Practitioner

Organization: Centers for Family Medicine


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
The vast majority of Dr. De Souza’s patient population are senior patients, who all appreciate his bedside manner, integrity, highly attentive listening skills and medical knowledge based on 25 years of practice. The senior population typically needs more time, attention and caring, and Dr. De Souza is the right physician for the job.

Why should this person be nominated
We are proud to nominate one of Southern California’s most well-respected physicians for this prestigious award. Although his official medical title is “family practitioner,” Dr. Jose De Souza, Jr. has a caring, compassionate spirit that has attracted older patients to his practice for decades—an affinity that continues today.

“Dr. De Souza has an incredible bedside manner and a very compassionate way of dealing with his patients,” said Sharon Cooper, office manager. “He really listens to them and pays attention to their concerns about various treatments. A lot of seniors don’t want to take medications or have certain tests—and many times they are fearful. He always listens to their concerns and if there is a way to treat something differently, he will. His patients really trust him and they know that he won’t over-medicate or over-diagnose or send them all over the place for testing. Seniors just really love him.”

Above all else, Dr. De Souza’s top priority is the health of his patients and their families. Therefore, it’s no surprise to learn that nearly all of Dr. De Souza’s staff members choose him as their primary care physician. Their parents choose him, too, demonstrating everyone’s trust and satisfaction in his exceptional medical expertise.

“I myself use Dr. De Souza as my primary care physician and so did my husband,” Sharon added. “He diagnosed my husband with cancer in August 2005 and took wonderful care of him until he passed away on Valentine’s Day 2008. Dr. De Souza would come to my house to see my husband and take care of him when he was no longer able to walk.”
Dr. De Souza doesn’t reserve this exceptional service just for his inner circle. According to Cooper, the doctor goes way above the call of duty for all of his patients—always calling them with lab results and to answer any questions, instead of simply mailing a letter. He always works patients in, too. For example, even when he has the morning off, he keeps a special list on his desk of patients he is particularly concerned about. If one of them calls in to be seen, he will squeeze them in and make their visit a priority, regardless of how that may affect his personal schedule.

Those who know him well describe him as extremely personable and highly qualified, but also very humble. In his free time, he and his wife both work at the free clinic in Los Alamitos that he and Dr. Kimura started a number of years ago. This caring, highly compassionate physician is very deserving of this award.