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Ari Marshall

Ari Marshall

Position: Doctor

Organization: Alamitos Belmont Rehabilitation Hospital


What role does your nominee have in senior care and senior care issues?
Dr. Marshall is a Physical Medicine/Rehab Physiatrists who specialize in helping patients with disabilities. His focus is on providing rehabilitation, restoration of functioning and a returning his elderly patients to a high quality of life. Patients may have muscle, bone, soft tissue or nervous system injuries and pain management.

Dr. Marshall works as a hospitalist for geriatric patients and he is a specialist in physical medicine and Rehabilitation.
He is affiliated with the following hospitals.
Long Beach Memorial Hospital.
Alamitos Belmont Rehabilitation Hospital.
Atlantic Memorial Care Center
Catered Manor Nursing Center
Broadway By The Sea Care Center

He is a member of the:
American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.
California Society of PM&R
California Medical Association
American Ostepathic Association
American Board of Physical Medicine
And Associate Clinical Professor at UC Irvine School on Physical Medicine

Why should this person be nominated
When I asked Dr. Marshall what was the reason he got into ended care rehab, this is what he said: "I think what helped me decide on geriatric rehab is my connection with my dad who is an older parent. He had me later in life. Friends, etc, would tease me and call him my grandpa. It used to upset me until I wised up and realized he was great and was there for me and attended and had time to go to my sporting events. So when I work with seniors I actually don't see the age and as a rehab doc I always try to get the best out of them.

Dr. Marshall is not the typical doctor, he is always greeting patients and family members at the facility. when a discharge day is approaching Dr. Marshall meets with the family an goes over every detail about their care, medications, family environment and home issues. We get so many calls and complements about him that if there is a week without a call about him our receptionist starts to ask if there is something wrong. He is loved by everyone, patients, family members, staff and we asked which doctor to nominate every single person said: Dr. Marshall without hesittation.