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Colleen Rozatti Colleen Rozatti

Colleen Rozatti

Position: Executive Director

Organization: ActivCare Living-Brittany House


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Colleen Rozatti has been serving dementia residents and their families in the Lakewood/Long Beach area for 16 years as the Executive Director of Brittany House-Residential Alzheimer's Care. Colleen is passionate about providing the best quality of care possible to the resident while supporting the family members who are sometimes guilt ridden and in a state of denial regarding their loved ones needs. Colleen provides the love and support to allow the caregiver to resume their role of daughter, spouse or child of those who have forgotten.

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Many times families and visitors ask Colleen if her name is Brittany, because they assume that she is the namesake behind Brittany House. Even though she in not, she might as well be because she treats the community, staff and families as if her name was on the front door. She never shys away from responsibility and her ultimate goal is resident care and comfort.


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5.0  (19)
Colleen Rozatti 2017-08-15 15:44:30 Lynn Au
Lynn  Au Voted by Lynn Au    August 15, 2017

Colleen is a dedicated ED who is compassionate, caring and dedicated to giving her all to her residents and families. She is an inspiration to her team and those who know her. Colleen takes great pride in her 16 years as an ED for ActivCare Living - Brittney House. Congratulations on being an exceptional ED and a well deserved nomination Colleen!!

Colleen Rozatti 2017-08-15 15:18:05 Bee-Bee Smith
Bee-Bee Smith Voted by Bee-Bee Smith    August 15, 2017

When I listen to Colleen talk about her community, I can feel the passion in her voice. She speaks proudly of her staff and the excellent care that they all provide to the needs of their memory care residents. There’s a sense of certainty about her, which I feel brings reassurance to her community, especially to family members faced with the challenge of watching their loved ones go through the different stages of Alzheimer’s and other Dementias. This is attributed to her many years’ experience as an E.D., 16 of which she has overseen quality care in her community. There’s a reason they call her “Brittany” at her community ActivCare Living - Brittany House; you can tell that she takes pride in and works hard to be an exemplary Executive Director. Based on the feel you get from walking through her community along with the tenure of so many of her staff, it is very clear that she is passionate about taking care of the residents, the staff and the families. As a newer E.D. in the industry, Colleen is someone to look up to and aspire to be like.

Colleen Rozatti 2017-08-11 19:20:09 Denise Notter
Denise Notter Voted by Denise Notter    August 11, 2017

It is an honor to vote for Colleen as Outstanding Executive Director.
Colleen has an amazing way with the residents and their family members. She is an awesome leader for her staff. She is always there for everyone. ActivCare Brittany House is truly blessed to have her.

Colleen Rozatti 2017-08-11 18:28:51 Dawn Destefani
Dawn Destefani Voted by Dawn Destefani    August 11, 2017

It is such a pleasure to vote for Colleen as an Outstanding Executive Director for the Senior Care Hero Awards. Colleen is a true hero to all of the residents with Alzheimer's that she has provided love and care to. She is a hero to the family members and caregivers that she has given support and education to and finally she is a hero to her amazing staff that have been at Brittany House for 15-20 years. She is dedicated to her community and to ensuring that her residents receive the best quality of life at ActivCare at Brittany House. Congratulations on this well deserved nomination Colleen!

Colleen Rozatti 2017-08-09 16:38:46 Jennifer Mares
Jennifer Mares Voted by Jennifer Mares    August 09, 2017

Colleen is superwoman! Her commitment to the residents of ActivCare at Brittany House knows no bounds. From every facet of caregiving, she leads her team to ensure that each memory care resident receives compassionate care. She comforts families facing difficult times with patience, understanding, and gentle guidance. Her years of experience helps families navigate all of the challenges that Alzheimer’s and dementia can bring. Colleen inspires her team with hands-on attention. She personally attends to resident needs and provides loving care as an example for her team. She rolls up her sleeves to assist in the kitchen, in the activity room and even with individual resident care. Her passion for the community is contagious and when she does outreach, she encourages families in need to visit the community to learn more and receive the help in caring for a loved one with dementia. Her associates respect her as more than an executive director, but also a warmhearted friend that is committed to providing the best care. Colleen exemplifies a true leader through her attitude, her experience, and especially her love of her residents.