Outstanding Senior Care Professional

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Heather Yost Heather Yost

Heather Yost

Position: Regional Senior Living Consultant

Organization: A Right Place For Seniors


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Heather is a Certified Senior Care Advisor. She trained in the St. Jude Care Navigator Pilot Program and was a Caring Hearts Caregiver Support Group Facilitator. Heather also volunteered her time in the focus group for the North Orange County Senior Collaborative.
Heather was the Owner/Operator of a national home care company for 8 years, after selling she went on to be a Senior Living Consultant for A Right Place for Seniors.

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Heather is dedicated to working with Seniors, she says it is her passion. She loves where she is right now, she is able to assist in all aspects of an individuals life so they may experience their highest quality of life. With her training as a CSA, she is prepared to serve the most fragile of our society. Heather said that her goal is to always do the right thing for the individual to ensure they are safe, well cared for, and living in an environment that fosters the human spirit. When she was running a national home care company, there are many times she felt the need to step in as a caregiver. Heather always wanted to be a part of her clients lives and never lost focus on her clients needs. It was and still is very important to her that our seniors are treated with dignity and respect.
Heather is a positive role model who has great knowledge of the senior care industry. She has compassion and drive to make every day a new and glorious day for her family, co-workers, friends, and most of all her clients.