Bobby Afker Bobby Afker

Bobby Afker

Position: Home Care Aide

Organization: 24Hr HomeCare


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The role of caregiver is such an important role that often goes without the recognition it deserves for the level of impact it has. I would like to take this moment to recognize an exceptional caregiver named Bobby Afker. Bobby has been a vital member of 24Hr HomeCare’s “Team24” for many years now and has dedicated his life and his time to helping the seniors in our community. Bobby has had a positive impact on countless seniors’ lives, helping them to find comfort and ease throughout the aging process. Bobby expresses kindness and is driven to always find new avenues to help his clients lead the most rewarding and fulfilling lives, in turn, helping them to age gracefully with respect and dignity. Bobby fell in love with helping seniors after providing care for residents at board and care communities throughout Orange County. Bobby has a natural gentleness about him, which immediately provides solace and comfort to the seniors that he serves. His thoughtful demeanor and pleasant disposition makes him a joy to interact with and can’t help but put a smile on your face. It is his selfless attitude and his gentle, deliberate, and compassionate method of providing the highest level of care and companionship that makes Bobby so deserving of all the recognition in the world.

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Bobby was recently described by his client as a godsend, providing a level of service that affected positive change. His client, who was battling cancer, was struggling with the thought of having a home care aide come into his home and provide an intimate level of care in his weakest of times. Despite his feelings, he eventually reckoned with the idea and agreed to have Bobby into his home to help assist him through his grueling chemotherapy treatments. Engaging each day with a smile and his hallmark level of energy and positivity, Bobby worked tirelessly to make the chemotherapy process as easy and manageable for his client. Interpreting his needs before he would communicate them, proactively coordinating his day, and engaging in thoughtful and genuine conversation with his client, Bobby was able to make one of the toughest periods of this seniors’ life a little bit easier. The positive impact of Bobby’s care goes much further than that. It gives me great joy to exclaim that Bobby’s client’s cancer is now in remission and he has returned to a safe and healthy living situation where he can be independent and lead a truly fulfilling life. His client thanks Bobby for his patience and unwavering dedication to his full recovery. Bobby’s persistent dedication to others and his life’s journey to help those who can’t help themselves makes him a true Samaritan and completely deserving to be recognized as this years’ Outstanding Caregiver!


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Bobby Afker 2018-06-07 09:58:06 Susan Papiri
Susan Papiri Voted by Susan Papiri    June 07, 2018

Thank you for your caring heart, Bobby.

Bobby Afker 2018-06-04 11:48:52 Tom Sowers
Tom Sowers Voted by Tom Sowers    June 04, 2018

Congrats Bobby, on this very well-deserved nomination! Thank you for all you do to impact the lives of seniors.