Outstanding Social Worker

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Cheryl Lvovsky Cheryl Lvovsky

Cheryl Lvovsky

Position: Social Worker

Organization: Healthcare Partners Long Beach


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I met Cheryl (who has YEARS of experience) in the healthcare field almost 2 years ago. Unlike myself, Cheryl has spent her life in Southern California in the industry and helping others on a personal and professional level. Cheryl currently works as the Social Worker at Healthcare Partners in the Palliative Care program in Long Beach with some phenomenal physicians. I honestly cannot name off all the recognition or awards Cheryl may have on paper, but I can tell you she is recognized in every person's life she encounters. Cheryl, every day, in her personal life and professional life, shows so much love and compassion towards everyone with professionalism, trust, and concern for your wellbeing. Every time I have the honor to be in Cheryl's realm, I am blown away by her knowledge and commitment to bettering the lives she touches.

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Cheryl works endlessly helping families, patients, groups, and communities to enhance their well-being and success in their health, prognosis, and healthcare goals. Cheryl finds so many different avenues to help people develop their skills and abilities through her many resources available and resolve any challenges that may be in the way.