Outstanding Executive Director

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Art Francis Art Francis

Art Francis

Position: Executive Director

Organization: Terrace View Care Center


List your nominee's experience in Senior Care.
Art Francis currently holds the position of Administrator/Executive Director at Terrace View Care Center in Fullerton, CA. Prior to this position, he was a chiropractor and owner at Francis Chiropractic for 25 years.

Describe how your Nominee has exceeded his or her Job Description, becoming a hero to you or others. Provide an example or as much detail as possible of the things that they do that go above and beyond their job description.
Art Francis is AMAZING!!! He is positive, caring and has strong leadership skills. Art has a 30 year back ground in the health field and has a passion to help others. When I think of a Senior Care Hero, I think of Art Francis. Art is an outstanding leader who inspires his team everyday to do their best.

I am nominating Art because (story coming this week)