Outstanding Senior Care Professional

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Jordan Hellman Jordan Hellman

Jordan Hellman

Position: Director of Business Development and Operations

Organization: 123 Home Care


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Jordan has been working as a senior care professional at 123 Home Care for four years in both the operations and business development role. He is known in the industry for his compassion, problem solving ability, can-do attitude, and unmatched work ethic. Prior to joining 123 Home Care, Jordan was a successful litigator in both California and New York. As he consistently refers to himself as a recovering attorney, he feels much more comfortably doing what he was meant to do, which simply is help people. From his clients, Qualified Caregivers, and team members who work below him, Jordan is an easy person to get along with and an even easier person to trust.

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Jordan truly goes above and beyond his job description on a daily basis. Not only for his clients, but his hospital and community partners, and team members at 123 Home Care. He excels in any leadership role and truly leads by example. There are many stories that could be shared about his time in the senior care industry but non are more fitting than what initially brought him into this industry. While practicing law, Jordan was assisting his grandmother with finding a reliable caregiver to help her as she aged. Jordan was dissatisfied with the industry, the level of care, and the professionalism that he found from providers. He knew that he had the ability, integrity, and passion to do this better and help people in the process, which was ultimately what he wanted to do as a career. Being a core part of the initial team at 123 he has helped mold and grow the organization into what it is today. Through his insight, relationships, and dedication he has helped procure contracts with major organizations, developed new areas of business, and trained countless new professionals who have also blossomed at 123. His impact goes far beyond his clients, but to his teammates and colleagues, an impact he continues to have day in and day out.