Outstanding Senior Care Professional

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Judy Osuna Judy Osuna

Judy Osuna

Position: Community Outreach

Organization: Alzheimer's Family Service Center


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Judy Osuna started with senior care as a Community Outreach representative for a home care company. Then following her desire to work with seniors affected by dementia at the Alzheimer’s Family Center (AFC) where her mother-in-law attended. After losing her mother to cancer and helping her mother-in-law to navigate the various aspects of dementia, Judy found her calling Alzheimer's Family Service Center. A world of complexity where patients may sometimes totally feel forgotten as a quote from her mother-in-law said, “God has forgotten me”. But as we know God forgets no one.

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When I first met Judy, I immediately saw a sincere compassionate woman that displayed an unconditional love for seniors. As I spent more time with Judy, I would hear more beautiful stories of the seniors that have touched her life. She has a strong sense of faith and spirituality. She will be receiving her degree in Ministry in June. Judy is so humble and gives so freely of herself to help those that can't for care for themselves. I don’t think she realized how deeply she has touched their lives as well.
Just recently she was driving and saw a little old man holding a piece of paper at a stop light with a look of fear on his face. He was lost and confused. After spending a few minutes talking with him, she realized he had wandered from home so drove him around the neighborhood as he began to recognize his neighborhood and finally his home only to find his whole family standing out front worried as they tried to find him. When they saw him get out of the car, they all ran up to her car and told her that they were so worried about him. They were so grateful and called her an Angel. Judy took the time to care for a total stranger. I was in awe of the unconditional love she expresses for everyone she meets.
Finding out her driving passion for patients in the world of dementia brought forth the love and spirituality that she bestows on each of her patients. The inability to get through too many dementia patients has been overcome by Judy with calmness, love and a smile. These attributes can overcome the forces of anxiety and confusion patients feel daily. It is with a strong love for people and a commitment to conquering motor skills with love skills that Judy confronts each day. People are not commodities or products. They are souls who deserve love and appreciation. Her spirituality and love are a total inspiration to all who know her. Judy is a shining example of love, caring, action and involvement in the senior community.