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Outstanding Senior Care Professional

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David Berg David Berg

David Berg

Position: Spiritual Care Coordinator

Organization: Optimal Hospice


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David has his Master’s of Divinity from Lutheran Theological Southern Seminary, Columbia, SC. He also has his Bachelor of Arts in Sociology; California State University San Bernardino, CA. In addition, David has an
Advanced Spirituality Practice in Palliative Care Course, CSU Institute of Palliative Care, Grief Coach Certification Talbot Seminary Pasadena Adventist Hospital support group Clinical Pastoral Education: Unit #1 - Dowdy Gardner Center; Columbia, SC Units #2, #3, #4 - Trinity Medical Center, Minot, ND and Beyond Loss: Bereavement ministry and grief support center Training. David is Ordained - Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
Denominational Endorsement: Ecclesiastical Specialized Pastoral Care (ELCA)
Association of Professional Chaplains Board Certified Chaplain APC Endorsement Committee. David teaches patients, families, and staff re Advance Care Planning and Advance Directives
David also volunteers at Habitat for Humanity, Power 4 Youth Mentor
Care Connections board member (Alzheimer’s day program).

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Here is Davids story: I met Ed and his son in one of my “Navigating Life’s Changes” support groups. Ed was experiencing early stages of Dementia and had to move into a facility. His wife still lived at home and refused to move in with Ed, saying it would be impossible to live with him as she would become his caregiver. She wants to “have a life” and not be a caregiver. She is very independent and feels if she moves into a facility, she will also become dependent. Ed feels their marriage must be over if she does not want to move in with him. Ed’s son feels caught in the middle and wants to support them both, but feels he needs to take a side. I had conversations with the three of them and the couple separately and they are looking into a compromise. Conversations are difficult and emotional, but progress is being made and I feel they are now better able to express their needs and opinions with each other.

Every time the groups meet, there is more and more empathy between members and they affirm and encourage each other. There are countless stories of support and of heartache with complicated family dynamics but I am encouraged when I see members of the groups opening up and leaning on each other. I have been privileged to hear people’s stories and hear them supporting one another.


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5.0  (62)
David Berg 2019-07-18 08:44:11 John doe
Voted by SCHA Community Member    July 18, 2019

my dear friend Jill said to make sure I voted for you David, so here is my vote. Sounds like you do great work. Thank You.

David Berg 2019-07-16 18:09:01 Ivonne Meader
Voted by SCHA Community Member    July 16, 2019

David is the right person with the right words when they are needed. He has walked the journey of end of life with many of my families and staff , and he is a remarkable person and proffessional.

David Berg 2019-07-14 20:09:51 Cherie Johnsen
Voted by SCHA Community Member    July 14, 2019

David is one of the most caring people I have ever met. When he talks with you he is engaged the entire time. He is kind, compassionate and understanding. Such a wonderful man.

David Berg 2019-07-14 14:17:48 Kim Van De Venter
Voted by SCHA Community Member    July 14, 2019

David is a deeply compassionate spiritual care provider who focuses on the diverse needs of his patients at every opportunity.

David Berg 2019-07-12 21:25:29 Ken Botts
Voted by SCHA Community Member    July 12, 2019

Pr David is kind caring and compassionate. His love for people goes over and beyond. A truly wonderful person who totally deserves this award.