Senior Care Hero Innovator Honoree

Position: President, CEO & COB

Organization: Silverado Senior Living


Loren Shook's innovative career in health care began early on, on the grounds of Fairfax Hospital in Kirkland Washington. Fairfax was a psychiatric hospital which also provided dementia care to the most challenging patients that the nursing homes could not manage. The care provided was way ahead of the times, with passionate leaders giving the patients many areas of freedom and control over their lives. There were pets, children, and expansive grounds, rolling lawns, exotic plants and birds and other amenities for the patients to enjoy. Shook's parents worked there along with many other relatives, and Loren worked in all non-licensed positions from 15 years of age through his undergraduate program in business at the University of Washington.

He pursued a career in hospital administration, operating a chain of psychiatric hospitals for 20 years. After 20 years at Community Psychiatric Centers, he discovered Assisted Living and felt compelled to focus on serving the memory impaired. He came up with a model to incorporate the best of Assisted Living's social model with state-of-the-art health care expertise. This model included licensed nurses, medical directors, and MSWs surrounded by a holistic environment using pets, intergenerational programming, and inviting outdoor areas. Through university teaching research affiliations, he found his co-founders, Jim Smith and Steve Winner. The vision of the company is to "give life" and to change the world in which the way dementia is treated.


Join us in congratulating Loren Shook on his Senior Care Hero Innovator Award!

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  • Marla W, Resident Activities,Silverado Encinitas
    Congratulations on this Outstanding Achievement Loren Shook!
    Your inspiration, vision and leadership has made such a profound impact on how memory care can be improved upon. As recently as this month SIVERADO has announced innovative new growth,and much needed communities to be opened that treat other forms of Neurological Impairment, that are not primary dementia related is further indicative of your commitment and passion to improving the quality of life for those who need the understanding of professionals who focus on the entire person, not just the disease. Thank you for being such a leader among leaders.
  • Anonymous
    Congratulations Loren!!
  • Linda Scheck, UCI MIND Director of Development
    Loren Shook has always been a pioneer the field in caring for people with dementia. He kept the individual being cared for at the top of the business decisions he made. He designed one of the first Alzheimer's care communities from the ground up in San Juan Capistrano by researching the subject thoroughly. I remember the first time I met him. He came to the Alzheimer's Association Orange County to review our library, saying that he wanted to find the best and most current information on which to base the design of his new building. The structure included features designed into the structure of the building to enhance the well being, quality of life and behaviors of the residents. Many others now follow the example that Loren Shook and his team implemented those many years ago.
    As a long term care agent and a medicare agent,Silverado ios an outstanding facility!
  • Daniel Lyn
    Congrats to both.
  • Susan Papiri
    The extent to which Loren has influenced and improved the way we all view dementia sufferers and what is still possible for them is amazing. He is so deserving of this honor.