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Dedicated to my father, James Edward McAleer, Jr. Attorney, author, veteran, and a man of great integrity.
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Recognizing the heart, passion and commitment of those who serve Seniors should be a part of everything we do - its so important!
Jim McAleer began his career in the non profit world at age eighteen while pursing an undergraduate degree in Savannah, Georgia. For the next ten years, McAleer worked with individuals with mental retardation and other disabilities. He used those years to hone his leadership and senior management skills culminating in serving as the Interim Executive Director of the National Spinal Cord Injury Association in 1994.

For the next six years, McAleer served as the CEO and President for several agencies serving at risk populations and individuals with varying labels of disability in Boston Massachusetts, where he earned a Masters Degree in Public Administration at Northeastern University.

Today, McAleer is the President and CEO of the Alzheimer's Association and serves on multiple charity Boards. He lives in Orange County with his son Joseph.
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Alzheimer's Association
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Jim McAleer

Jim McAleer (MPA)

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