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My dedication would have to be to my parents. Neither one of them lived to 80. My dad died of cancer at 78 and showed me the dignity one can have to the end. My mom died at 79 the day after a botched operation. Mom had the wisdom to tell me the week before, if anything went wrong, she was find with it and she had a good life and was ready. Unfortunately, her 7 children and 16 grandchildren were not ready. We all miss them both very much.
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What wonderful people we are all blessed with who will take on this difficult work as a vocation...not a job. They have the strength and heart to do this great service for other, that most of us could never do. In my work, I thank God every day for sending us these angels.
My life experience has prepared me to help seniors and their families. My wonderful, kind, gentle grandma died from Alzheimer's after a 10 year battle. I experienced first had what this did to my family. My healthy grandpa insisted on taking care of her at home. That stress gave him a massive stroke and early death. In my families ignorance, we all sat back and let that happen, instead of getting grandma the professional care she needed and the break my grandpa desperately needed. It is my passion to never let that happen to another spouse of an Alzheimer patient. I let them know their most important obligation is to stay healthy so they can be their for their spouse, even if it is just to hold their hand. Leave the 24/7 care-giving to someone else!
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Senior Care Referral Specialists
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Eldercare Consultant
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