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I honor the Seniors I meet every day who live life actively - to my fellow colleagues on TASAB and my colleagues on Senior Citizens Advisory Council, I salute you . To Senior Caregivers, bless you. For every Senior who offers a kind word, who shares a bit of history with a young person, who smiles when you don't feel like smiling, you are heroes!
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There are many many "quiet heroes" ; folks making a difference every day. Some are recognized in public events and that is wonderful. Just as many or more are great and beautiful every day "quiet heroes".
One of my favorite quotes is "Everything works out in the end. If it doesn't , it isn't the end." We all need to live life to the fullest, making a difference for better as we go.
Registered Nurse. Specialize in Hospice Care. Retired Kaiser Permanente after 23 years. Started and Directed Community based hosoice agencies. Returned to Kaiser OC 3 years ago as a hosoice consultant . A oriviledge and honor to assist families with a quality comfortable and dignified end of life. Have passion for volunteering and advocating for Seniors and devote many hours to volunteering and honoring seniors. Added this year a new experience by being a volunteer nurse in Northern CA for Camp Sunburst, a camp for children infected or affected with HIV/AIDS , a truly life changing experience.
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Tustin Area Senior Advisory Board
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Chair, Tustin Senior Advisory Board, Vice Chair, Senior Citizens Advisory Council,, Member, Health & Nutrition Committee, Office on Aging
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Registered Nurse
Sherry Geyer

Sherry Geyer (Registered Nurse)

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