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To our family and Orange County community members who have gone on before us: You built the literal and digital highways we walk and work and ride upon, the infrastructure we too often take for granted. We do what we do in your shadow, and we thank and honor you. May we always care for those elders who remain!
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Recognizing these heroes while stemming the tide of hopelessness and isolation through food security, case management and friendly visitors is what SeniorServ does BEST!
Di Patterson is a Media Gerontologist and a pioneer in using technology for promoting Success in Aging®, her favorite speaking topic!

2008-2018, Di has won ten National Mature Media Awards for her online work.

She was Orange County’s 2012 Senior Care Hero Awards Outstanding Advocate, Gerontologist, and Aging Educator of the Year.

In 2015, Di was guest Gerontologist on NBC’s The TODAY Show.

In 2017, Di hosted her first educational Season of Life® Conference at Biola University, bringing two “Icons of Aging”, Pat Boone and Debby Boone, to a happy Senior and Aging Marketplace audience, telling their vibrant career stories and singing live on-stage.

In 2018, Di opened Season of Life® Consulting for families with Aging issues.

2019 has her writing Book#2!

Her book LIFE, CAMERA, ACTION! Everything you need to know to live well you can find in the Movies is available at Amazon.com

Visit her website: DiPatterson.com
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Season of Life® Consulting
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Founder and President
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Di Patterson

Di Patterson (MSG, CPG)

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