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Glen Cummings is a WWII veteran who served in the Navy during Pearl Harbor. He is one of the radar operators who warned his commanding officer that the Japanese were attacking before they attacked. According to Glen, his commanding officer said, "The Japanese would never attack on a Sunday."

Now Glen is living in an assisted living community in Orange County. Some of his short term memory is gone, but his eyes light up when you remind him about his days in the Navy.
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The Senior Care Hero Awards is a fantastic program because it honors people who have served a forgotten generation.
In 2004 I completed my enlistment in the US Air Force with a Honorable Discharge after working on a fleet of F-117 Stealth Fighters. After my enlistment ended I contacted the VA. During the process of trying to get some basic information regarding healthcare and educational benefits from the VA I started to understand how confusing information gathering can be.

Now I help veterans through the process of receiving the improved pension/aid and attendance benefit. It is an honor to serve those men and women who have fought to protect our freedoms.
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War Era Veterans
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Veteran Advocate
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Public Relations
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