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My grandparents helped raised me into adulthood Growing up my grandfather has always seen the positive side of me when not many did. They allow me to live with them while I attended nursing school. My grandfather passed away in 2009 due to cancer, he entrusted me as his Dural Power of Attorney for Health care. I, along with family members made the decision for Hospice. My grandmother passed away shortly afterward. Since then I think of them often especially as I care for my patients. I carry with me the love that they gave me each day, in hope to share that love with those who needed most.
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quite emotional feeling. My grandparents would be so proud.
I became a Registered Nurse in 2005 graduated from Saddleback College. The motivation for this career came from the passion of medicine, but on a personal level. I wanted to be able to hold my patient's hands, to cry with them and to provide some small comfort through their suffering. Nursing allowed me to raised my son as a single mother at a young age. I obtained a BSN at Vanguard University Of Southern California in 2008 while working full time.
I began my career at Saddleback Memorial Medical Center in 2004 as a nurse's aid. Since then Saddleback Memorial has been my main home.
I began teaching clinical at Saddleback College in 2010 as a Clinical Specialist Associate Faculty.
I also began teaching with Standbridge College in 2014.
It has been 10 marvelous years of different areas of nursing including Home Health, Costmetic Surgery, Medical offices. However, I believe bedside nursing is still my passion.
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Saddleback Memorial Medical Center
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Registered Nurse, Clinical Coordinator
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Registered Nurse


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