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Eldon McCloud was the father of a boy I knew who was in a coma due to an accident. On my visits to his son, Eldon would urge me to find a way to be a liaison between medical/social service professionals and families who need their services. This was in 1986. Eldon is gone now; but his influence wove its way around my dreams and my career path.
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There are so many giving people in this industry that you could hold the event every day for fifty years and still have more to honor.
My professional career has been dominated by work in senior services. At one point in my career, I took time away because I was sensing burnout. I helped a friend launch a business in the world of boating (something I knew nothing
about whatsoever). My aptitude scores in school showed my weakest ability lay in the realm of mechanical/technical. I wanted to prove to myself that hard work and an open mind to learning could make up for any deficits I had. It worked and we had a successful business before I returned to my field. As for what I like to do for fun - I love music, singing praise songs with my choir, going to concerts and musicals; reading; star-gazing by floating on my back in the pool (a fabulous feeling). Great conversation around the table with dear friends or family is a joy!
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Alliance Family Advocates
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Geriatric Care Consultant/Advocate
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