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I'd like to thank Melonise, Janaica and Natalie in the At Home Office in Addison, TX.
These three ladies have made my job easier and they are ALWAYS there when I need to talk, have questions, or an issue needs to be discussed.
I thank them all for ALL of their hard work and for making all employees feel important and informed.
You ladies ROCK!!
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I was very shocked when I found out that I was nominated. I actually asked if it was a joke! lol!
These awards are for those truly making a difference in someones life.
Its an honor to be nominated. It makes you feel good to know that what you do is recognized, no matter what it is you do.
Taking care of the elderly is very rewarding in a lot of ways.
They have stories still to tell. They are great advise givers, they tell it like it is and they always comforting. Which is funny to me, because I am the caregiver.
I am extremely proud to be with a company that honors their employees with such prestigious awards.
I thank everyone who puts so much work into making these awards happen for others.


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