Outstanding Caregiver(back to top)

Jose Chavez

Position: CNA

Organization: Victoria Health Care


I believe Jose has worked at Victoria for 10 years as a CNA. He takes pride is the skilled nursing facility and wants all the short term patients and long term patients feel at home. He noticed that there weren’t very many outdoor spaces for patient to go so he decided to create outside gardens, benches he made from his own hands and patio area around the facility. He also made a wising well to give seniors hope. He used his own time personal resources with help of the maintenance team to give ...


Outstanding Social Worker(back to top)

John Alexander

Position: Case Manager

Organization: Kaiser Homecare


John is not just a case manager, he is an advocate for older adults and an exceptional human being. He focuses on helping connect the senior and family with the correct resources to help them have a life where they can thrive. John doesn’t hand off a case until he has ensured that he has done the best job possible for a positive outcome. This is what makes him stand out from others in his position.

The best way to describe why John deserves this recognition is to just highlight the things tha ...


Outstanding Nurse (back to top)

Cheryl Villasenor

Position: Nurse Practitioner and Manager of Quality Assurance

Organization: Housecall Doctors Medical Group


In the early years of the home-based medical practice, patients -- and sometimes other clinicians -- were skeptical of this type of clinical support. Cheryl faced quite a few obstacles to coordinating and leading in-home care. However Cheryl has always been a strong advocate for her patients and has never been afraid of a challenge! “Being allowed into the intimacy of someone’s personal space is such an honor” says Cheryl. “I enjoy learning about their lives, hearing their stories and ...


Outstanding Physician (back to top)

Michael Tehrani

Position: Physician

Organization: MedWell Medical


Examples of Dr. T’s sincere love for his patients are many, but one certainly stand out to his peers and his staff:

Dr. T was called in to be the new physician for a patient in the hospital who was dying; in fact, she had been told she only had “days to live”. He had never seen this patient before, but between March 1 and March 4, 2018, he became her physician and her hope. Once he saw her charts, he immediately began a battery of tests and determined she had non-alcoholic End Stage Liver ...


Outstanding Executive Director (back to top)

Sadie Harnes

Position: Executive Director

Organization: Belmont Village Senior Living Aliso Viejo


Although Sadie is an Executive Director and doesn’t have as much direct contact with the residents because of administrative duties, she still makes a point to interact with them as much as possible. One day last year one of her residents passed away – we’ll call him “Harry.” As we all know, it is very traumatic for the other residents who may have been close to someone when that person dies. They not only see their circle of friends growing smaller, they see their own mortality. So, w ...


Outstanding Senior Care Professional (back to top)

Michael Bender

Position: Director of Resident Engagement

Organization: Silverado Memory Care


Michael has a heart like no other person I know. He gives love 100% of the time to 100% of our residents. He has the ability to creatively find solutions for residents who may be sad, agitated, or anxious. As the Director of Resident Engagement at Silverado Memory Care, Michael has made it his mission to find purpose for all of our residents despite their dementia diagnoses. He spends his own time taking residents to go shopping to create a sense of "normalcy" for them. For some of the ...


Family Member Hero - People's Choice

Rosa Garza

Position: Family Care Giver

Organization: Family Member Hero


Rosa is such an outstanding family member who takes such compassionate and quality care of her parents as well as the patients in her work. She is always smiling, laughing, doing activities with her parents and patients to keep them laughing, entertained and providing relief to their quality of life. Rosa is non stop taking care of everyone around her.

Volunteer Hero - People's Choice

Mary Lum

Position: Volunteer

Organization: Fountain Valley & Huntington Beach Senior Centers


Just because 87-year-old Mary doesn’t drive anymore, it doesn’t stop her from volunteering every weekday for the Senior Center Lunch program. Mary is known as “the hip-walking lady” by many who see her on her daily trek sporting her uniform of gloves, long sleeves and a sun-protective hat. After walking a brisk 30 minutes from her home, Mary often joins the 9:00 am exercise class at the Fountain Valley Senior Center on Tuesdays and Thursdays before she helps with set-up and serves food ...

Veteran Hero - People's Choice

Lt. Col. Sam Sachs

Position: Lieutenant Colonel

Organization: Mom & Dads House Manor


Sam Sachs, who was in WWII and in the Normandy invasion on D-Day 75 years ago, turned 104 years old this year. And if this isn't enough reason to celebrate this amazing veteran hero, Sam just received a major honor on the 75-year remembrance of D-Day.: the French Legion of Honor, that country's highest medal, during a ceremony at the Bob Hope Patriotic Hall in Los Angeles. Christophe Lemoine, consul general of France, in Los Angeles, told Sam Sachs in a letter that he was being appoint ...

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Humanitarian Award(back to top)

Ed Schrum

Position: Co - Founder, and Senior Management Executive of Care CHOICES



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Inspiring Hero(back to top)

Norma Morein

Position: Self-Employed



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