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Epifania Martinez

Epifania Martinez

Position: Certified Nurse Assistant

Organization: Amada Senior Care


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Epifania, Eppi, has been in the senior care industry for the past 12 years. She first started off as a personal care attendant and quickly decided to obtain her certified nursing assistant degree. She then continued to further her education and obtained her Restorative Nursing Assistant degree, and continues to provide stellar services to each client she encounters.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Epifania (Eppi) has been in the senior care industry for over 12 years, she has not only provided home care services to her clients but she has taken it upon her self to really understand the needs of her clients by obtaining not only her Certified Nursing Assistant, but also her Restorative Nursing Assistant license. She has a true passion and desire to helping her clients and providing meaning in their lives as they continue through their journey.

Eppi, is currently working with a client of Amada Senior Care who has had a stroke, immobile and unable to do the majority of her daily activities. The client has become almost completely dependent on the care provided to her by her her caregivers as well as her husband. Since Eppi has been placed into the clients home, she has taken and active role in promoting the clients independence and ensuring her well being at all times.

She has been proactive in the clients recovery by not only understanding the type of therapy the client receives from her neurologist and practices therapy with the client on their own, but she has also kept the client mentally motivated, she takes her time each morning dressing her, fixing her make-up and doing her hair just the way she liked it, allowing the client to smile each morning feeling beautiful as ever.
The Client, once being a maxim assist in transfer, is now able to ambulate with the assistance of a walker due to the dedication and motivation of Eppi to see her moving on her own will. They are constantly now active, playing games, communicating and improving her speech, taking walks through the house and outdoors all in the amazement of her friends and family members who never thought that such activities would be possible for her again.

As the Clients condition was nearly fatal, it took a major toll on the clients husband, who was also battling cancer on his own. Since Eppi, has been with the family, she not only helped her client regain control of her life, but she has also helped the clients husband in the sense of relieving him from the enormous amounts of stress he had trying to care for his wife. The Husband is now in remission from his cancer, and to his amazement, was able to take his wife on an air plane and go on vacation!

Eppi, has not only promoted the clients independence, but she gave the family hope and encouragement to continue and look forward to the future enjoying each moment along the way. Her unwavering motivation, and determination to her clients is evident through their progression under her care.

We are proud to have her as part of our team, as she reminds all of us that we each can make a difference in someones life, noting that nothing is impossible through hard work and dedication.

We Salute your amazing accomplishments!