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Stephen Njoroge

Stephen Njoroge

Position: Personal Care Attendent

Organization: Amada Senior Care


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Stephen Njoroge has been employed with Amada Senior Care since August 2009 and has continuously meet and exceed any expectation set before him. In order to provide his clients with the up-most care, Stephen completed his certified Home Health Aid certification allowing him to understand the needs of his clients.
Stephen has been with Amada Senior Care's client for over two years providing the client with non-medical in home care. In September 2011, the client and Stephen were asked to evacuate from the home due to its proximity to a local neighbors fire. In a time where many individuals would panic, Stephen remained calm and quickly gathered the clients medication and needed belongings and escorted the client to a safe location .
Unfortunately, the fire had taken its toll, and cleared everything in it's way including the clients home. The client was forced to move into a hotel until construction on his home was complete. Moving from one hotel to another, trying to find structure and stability in a situation that seemed so bleak. For a period of over 8 months, Stephen stood by the clients side each and every day as he attempted to make a hotel room into a warm and safe environment for his client. He knew his client was emotionally distraught through the loss of his home, however Stephen encouraged the client to remain positive and attempted to maintain the clients routine as much as possible in an effort to allow the client to regain control.
Finally after over half of year living from room to room, the client was finally able to move back in to his home. Stephen, again was the first to help in the clients transition, As he stated the movers would just throw things in the home, not taking into account where the client needed things to be as he could not do it on his own. Stephen took an active role in ensuring the clients involvement with the move, placing his belongings exactly where he needed them to be.
The client, to this day, has continuously praised Stephen's work stating that he could not have gone through this without the help of his Stephen.
Through out the process moving back and forth from location to location, Stephen rarely took time off for himself, sometimes working 7 days a week, in order to ensure the clients comfort and safety. Stephens determination is evident as the two have become inseparable. He is constantly going above and beyond for his clients needs, putting his own needs second. Stephen continues to provide excellent care for his client to this day. His dedication, motivation, and determination to his clients is unwavering as he continues to place their needs above his own. He has become a true asset not only to his client but to our organization as well, We are pleased to have a caregiver like Stephen as part of our team!

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our clients!