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Allison Hoekstra

Allison Hoekstra

Position: Registered Nurse

Organization: Anaheim Regional Medical Center


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Allison Hoekstra is currently a Registered Nurse in the Telemetry/Oncology Department at AHMC Anaheim Regional Medical Center.
Prior to joining AHMC, Allison worked 10 years in Dermatology at St. Jude, UCI and in private practice.
Allison says she came to a point where she felt she was no longer helping people she served, and when the opportunity to join AHMC in the Telemetry/Oncology unit was presented she decided to change fields. She says some of her greatest career experiences have come from taking care of her senior patients and their families. “There is nothing more rewarding in life than the feeling of knowing that you have made a difference or changed the outcome of someone’s life”.
Allison currently resides in Anaheim, and has an 18 year old daughter in her second year of college. During the holidays she delivers holiday gifts to seniors in the OC, and serves meals to the less fortunate during Thanksgiving.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Allison frequently shares her senior stories with me (since I work in the industry as well), and how she understands their needs, and calls me from time to time to ask me how she may further assist some special needs seniors when they leave.
I truly admire her commitment to her patients and how she never hesitates to go above and beyond helping them. She always refers to them as "hers".
I have never known a nurse to be so concerned with the level of care they are providing like Allison. She always makes sure "she" is doing the right things for her patients, even if that means she has to be there later than normal.
I remember one story in particular...She was very concerned for this senior patient and wanted to do more for her and her family. I swear she asked me for almost every senior connection I had and how she could provide a continuum of service for her senior. As she was sharing with me, she broke down and started to cry. I didn't know what to say, but I did give her every bit of informaiton I had, and told her that she knows GOd will care for her senior when she left. She made sure to provide information for her patient, and made sure that the information would help not only her the patient, but her family as well. I thought to myself... Wow I wish to have a nurse like her if anything happens to me!

Allison, you are an inspiration to the health care industry and I am proud to call you my sister! Thank you for the amazing dedication you have taught me, and always reminding me there are still caring and loving people providing A+ care to our seniors.