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Jackie Stringham

Jackie Stringham


Organization: Senior Helpers


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Jackie Stringham is a Senior Hero. Over the last 5 ½ years she has cared for over 600 clients and families. Jackie was herself in the sandwich generation a few years back, she was working full time with her business Senior Helpers while caring for her own parents and helping with her granddaughter. Jackie has offered endless hours of support to the clients of Senior Helpers, family members, and community. On top of running a very successful business, Jackie finds time to Volunteer with Meals on Wheels and Caring Hearts support group as a co-facilitator. Every client, family member, staff member, and individual that Jackie meets instantly loves her. Her heart is genuine and her passion for Seniors pours from her soul. I have had the honor of watching her first hand deal with very tough family dynamics, caregiver issues, and the loss of both of her parents within a year of each other. Jackie is a model caregiver and sums up the definition to a tee. She has taught be everything that I know about the Senior Industry. Jackie is not only my business partner, but she is also my Mother. I am humbled to think that someday, I will have the honor of being her caregiver, treating her with the respect, love, and dignity that she has given to so many. Jackie is not just the backbone of Senior Helpers of Yorba Linda, she is my Rock. I would like to honor her with this nomination for the countless days, nights, and hours she has given to Senior Helpers, the Industry, and my family. Jackie you are a Senior Hero.