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Edgar Serrano

Edgar Serrano

Position: Director of Business Development

Organization: Mirada Hills Rehab & Convalescent Hospital


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Edgar came to Mirada Hills Rehab & Nursing in March, 2007, with no previous experience in the health care field. But he came with a heart to serve and an open mind to learn, and learn he did. He learned to navigate the complicated process of admission paperwork for skilled nursing, and created sincere and lasting relationships with patients, families, physicians, case managers and colleagues in the health care field.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
As the Business Development Director for Mirada Hills, Edgar’s job is to increase census by building relationships with the surrounding community in a professional capacity. What Edgar does that makes him so special is how he extends himself to everyone he comes into contact with. When Edgar asks “how are you today,” he waits for your answer and listens carefully to what you say…and what you don’t say. His faith is such a part of him that he just gently and respectfully includes everyone in his prayers – either silently or by praying with that person in the moment of their need. He is affectionately called “the Chaplain of Mirada Hills” by quite a few people. And that heart and faith were never more evident than when one of their younger patients came to the facility from the hospital.
The patient was only in his 30’s, and had been through a traumatic accident which left his legs paralyzed and left him constant pain in his back. This young man was the sole provider for his children as his wife had left some time earlier. When he came to Mirada Hills, he was depressed and angry. He didn’t know what his future held, but he knew it would be a long, hard road to recovery – if recovery was even possible. Edgar happened to be in the facility when this man was admitted and did his paperwork with him. From that point forward, nearly every day, either during his lunch hour or after he had finished work for the day, Edgar would go and visit with this young man. He would speak to him of hope, he would diffuse his anger and frustration, he would pray for and with him and give him enough encouragement to participate with therapy one more day. Through many more trips to the hospital and several set-backs, Edgar never stopped traveling the road to recovery with this young man; he never tired or wavered in his visits. He even forged a bond with his children and sister, encouraging them as well. It took almost 2 years of operations, therapy, and encouragement, but that young man walked out of Mirada Hills using only a cane. And the first person, after God, that he credits with his success is Edgar Serrano.