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Teena Tomlinson

Teena Tomlinson

Position: Senior Center Site Manager

Organization: City of Cypress Recreation Department


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Teena coordinates the senior lunch and Meals on Wheels program for the City of Cypress.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
More than 20 years ago, Teena's dad was very ill and she was concerned that if something happened to her mom, there would be nobody to look after her dad. Her parents lived Oklahoma and she lived in Southern California. Teena’s children were in school, so she decided if she couldn’t help her dad she would help another older adult by volunteering to deliver Meals on Wheels.

Little did Teena know how that act of kindness would change her life? Teena loved visiting with the elderly who were so frail and isolated. She had no idea there were so many older adults that were home bound and lonely.

When a job opened for the Meals on Wheels coordinator for the City of Cypress, Teena seized the opportunity, knowing she could impact the lives of many more older adults in need. Today, Teena coordinates the Meals on Wheels and Senior Lunch program for the City of Cypress, touching the lives of hundreds of senior citizens everyday.

Recently, Teena and her husband became caregivers for her mother-in-law. It happened suddenly and Teena wasn’t fully prepared with the decisions they need to make about her care. Today, thanks to very same Meals on Wheels program that Teena volunteered for 20 years ago, her mother-in-law is able to maintain her health and independence thanks to the volunteers who bring her healthy meals and check-in on her every weekday.