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Adriana Bermudez

Adriana Bermudez

Position: Director of Adult Day Services

Organization: SeniorServ


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Adriana is an MSW, but her actual duties far exceed the letters after her name. She is the Director of Adult Day Services for SeniorServ, and oversees both the ADHC (CBAS) and social model of Adult Day Services. She started at SeniorServ in 2009 as the social worker for the Santa Ana ADHC, but through her diligence and amazing work ethic, she has been moved up to her present position. In this position, she oversees 3 sites that provide adult day health care for over 200 people daily. She does this with compassion for everyone - the clients, their families and all those employed in providing care.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Adriana's experience as an MSW gave her an extensive knowledge of how to champion clients and families in crisis. She often works with hospital personnel and Adult Protective Services to ensure clients are safe and have a realistic plan of care. It is the norm rather than the exception that Adriana often stays after hours.
Just one example of Adriana's "heroic" care happened this past year. The primary caregiver for one of her ADHC clients was in an accident while the client, we'll call her "Mary," was at the center. The hospital called and their plan was to have the police come, pick up Mary at the center and admit her to the hospital for "safety issues." This would've been very upsetting and hard to understand for her due to her issues. Adriana couldn't accept this. She formulated her own plan: she called APS and worked with them to provide a paid caregiver that would be there when Mary arrived home while APS continued to research a safe resolution. Adriana then went to the hospital to visit the caregiver and tell her what was happening so that she could concentrate on her own recovery and not worry about Mary. Within a day or so, they found a board & care facility that would care for Mary until her caregiver was out of the hospital and able to do so herself. Adriana didn't have to do any of this - she could have simply gone along with the hospital's plan. But, she just couldn't allow one of "her ladies" to experience such upsetting circumstances. For that and much more, we know Adriana is a hero to the clients and families she serves...and to all of us, too.