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Hamed Farid, M.D.

Hamed Farid, M.D.

Position: Medical Director & CEO

Organization: Neurovascular and Spine Associate


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Why is Dr. Hamed Farid an obvious choice for a nominee? The reasons are abundant; Dr. Farid is so invested in senior care issues that it would be analogous to a criminal offense not to nominate him for the Senior Care Hero Awards. Dr. Farid embodies the art of compassion; he cares about his patients and their families. It is not uncommon to see him place a hand on his patients shoulder when he is talking to them or educating them, this is quite astounding especially in this fast paced environment of the healthcare world. Dr. Farid is the real deal; he’s down to earth and unassuming. The elderly identify with him, he’s not condescending or arrogant, he’s informative.

Last August, 76-year old Carolyn Dymond wasn’t feeling well. “I Just wasn’t’ myself”, the Fullerton resident explains. She went to bed early that night but within a few hours, woke up her husband. A retired physician, John immediately noticed her speech was slurred and hesitant, but, oddly, the symptoms would completely disappear before reappearing a few minutes later. Carolyn went by ambulance to St. Jude Medical Center Stroke Treatment Center, where CT and MRI Imaging pointed to a small abnormality. A follow-up angiogram offered a cleaner picture of what was happening; Carolyn had a clot in her basilar artery, an area of the brain where the effects of a blockage are often devastating and overwhelming. “This is the worst type of stroke you can have and it often leads to “locked-in syndrome”, explains Hamed Farid, MD. “The patient ends up locked inside there own body, completely paralyzed, aware of their surroundings but unable to move or communicate. It is most people’s worst nightmare.” As she was rushed to the Neurointerventional Suite, Carolyn’s symptoms were growing visibly worse. It was clear the clot was enlarging rapidly; in fact, it would triple in size in a matter of minutes. “It was the most dangerous location for a clot, yet the very best outcome with a little help from some-cutting edge technology.” explains Dr. Farid, who performed the sophisticated catheterization procedure. Remarkably, Carolyn suffered no neurological effects from her stroke and after a 10-day hospital stay; she simply stepped back into her life. “I consider my care to be almost miraculous,” says the grandmother of nine, who is back to all her favorite hobbies. “Dr. Farid didn’t just save my life. He saved my quality of life as well.”

When it comes to patient care and involvement in the community Dr. Farid goes above and beyond in providing the care and education needed, no matter if it’s at his office or hospital. Dr. Farid is always ready to help and care for his patients and is an inspiration to the community.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Dr. Hamed Farid has been a physician in Orange County and serving its seniors population for over 2 years. He is currently on staff at St. Jude Medical Center, UCI Medical Center, Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center and Pomona Valley Hospital Medical Center. Dr. Farid has received the following certifications that allow him to provide the most through comprehensive care to his patients.
His specialty certifications include: Diplomat American Board of Radiology, Sub-Specializing in Diagnostic & Interventional Neuroradiology.