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Luzviminda B. Peterson

Luzviminda B. Peterson

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Attentive Home Care


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Luzviminda started at Attentive Homecare on March 26, 2006 and she has worked for a total of 35 patients during her time at our agency. During her employment at Attentive Home care we have never received a negative comment or feedback from any of our patients. She have worked well with all of our patients, in fact she took care of a patient for more than four years despite the doctor's prediction that he would have only two years to live.

We always feel very confident when she accepts a case assignment for we know that she would be fully committed to it. We have had cases where other caregivers would give up and request a replacement-she never had.

When asked what sets her apart from the typical caregiver she responded that when she goes for her initial visit, she reminds herself that she represents Attentive Home Care and she has to deliver the best service. She believes that a clean and orderly environment is a big factor for the patient's well-being. She is always aware that that the main reason for her been caring for the patients are the medical issues, hence, she has to exercise maximum tolerance tempered with TLC(tender loving care)and last but not least, she has to defer to the patient's family (if there is one) but always remembers that her primary concern is the patient. With a big smile she said; “I love taking care of them”

We at attentive Home Care believe that Luzviminda has a therapeutic effect on her patients, for her presence exudes vitality and serenity that comes with her confidence and love for her work. We fully realize that these foregoing reasons she is the most requested caregiver in our agency and worth presenting as a role model for all other caregivers.

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Dear Linda,
Attentive Homecare July 31,2012

It has been a while since I have contacted Attentive Home Care. My father was cared for by Luz Peterson for approximately 5 years through Attentive. It has been 3 months since my dad passed away and I should have written this letter sooner. I have been the main caretaker of my dad and his affairs since July 2000. When he became very ill in 2006, realized it was more than I could personally handle.
I wanted to let you know how much my family and I appreciated the assistance and care that Luz provided. The records for our account will show that we went through a few nurses before we had Luz arrived. While we could afford the care, we were certainly desperate when Luz got here. She went above and beyond the call of duty. She managed his medications, his meals, made grocery list for family members to purchase, took my dad to the Pechanga Casino each week, accompanied my dad on few vacations so his care would not be interrupted and also accompanied me with my dad to ALL of his doctor appointments. She also was able to handle most od the house cleaning duties. I am comfortable saying that Luz became a family member for us. Sadly, in many ways more so than some of my actual family members!

If you have a chance, please look at Legacy.com and search Gordon Lee’s Obituary. We gave many thanks and much praise to both Luz and Abner (he worked the weekend shift for us) for the dedication to our father.
I now have friends whose parents are getting much older and are entering into the time of their lives where they will need additional care. I have highly recommended that they contact your company and ask for Luz as a caregiver. Unfortunately, many of them cannot afford the cost. Some of them are still working for additional funds to come through from various government agencies. These may possibly never result in new clients for you folks, but I have done my best to point my friends in your direction to hire Luz.
This letter will never allow me to express my thanks enough to this wonderful woman. I now consider her a friend for life, and a new member of our extended family. We went through a lot together! Taking care of my dad was no picnic and she was my angel 5 days a week!

Gordon Lee, Jr (Butch Lee)

July 28, 2012
Dear Senior Hero Awards,
It is with great pleasure that I nominate Luz Peterson for your caregiver of the Year Award. Luz is wonderful! My mother, who suffers from dementia, can be challenging at times. Luz’s intuition and experience were apparent the moment Mom and Luz were introduced. She always knows exactly what to do regardless of mom’s mood.
Luz is able to keep mom calm and happy, including taking her for much needed walks. Mom’s demeanor has changed since she gets out neighborhood and sees her old friends. She is like her old self again. I can not say enough about how Luz has given my mom a new purpose in life.
Thank you so much Attentive for bringing Luz into our lives!
Kindest Regards,

Julie Heggeness