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Latreece Mitchell

Latreece Mitchell

Position: Caregiver

Organization: Oasis In-Home Care


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
We have had the privilege of having Latreece Mitchell on our team as a caregiver since March 2012. During this time, Latreece has provided competent, compassionate care to the seniors she has cared for in a fashion that rises above the average “employee”. Our homecare and staffing coordinators are hard pressed to find anyone as flexible, versatile, and willing to accept any assignment as Latreece.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Latreece Mitchell is one of those rare people who exemplifies the word “caregiver” in every area of her life. Latreece (29 years old) has served as a caregiver in some fashion since age 15, meaning she has already spent half of her young life caring for others. It seems that every facet of her life is consumed with providing care in some form or another. As a single mother, she tirelessly provides for the needs of her child. As a professional caregiver, Latreece brings a calm, professional demeanor to every assignment. Latreece has shown herself to be entirely dedicated to “being there”, despite whatever personal obstacles arise. Without fail, when we call Latreece for an assignment, she eagerly makes arrangements to make it to the client’s home. It is her versatility and commitment as a caregiver that allows her to move “past herself” and meet the needs of the senior client in her care.
On her most recent assignment, Latreece was caring for an elderly woman suffering from advanced dementia on a “live-in” basis. During this time, Latreece was subjected to physical outbursts by her confused client, as well as addressing her client’s continual attempts to escape her own home, even in the middle of the night! Most other caregivers would call our office, demanding to be reassigned to a less challenging case. Latreece, on the other hand, approaches difficult circumstances with grace, professionalism and a level of concern that seeks her client’s well-being above her own. Latreece is a rare mix of compassion, dedication, versatility, dependability, professionalism, and competency that makes her a treasure to the elderly she cares for.