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Sara Pashaee

Sara Pashaee

Position: Care Transitions Navigator

Organization: SeniorServ


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Sara Pashaee worked for 2 1/2 years as Associate Case Manager for SeniorServ's Home Delivered Meals Program. She recently earned her MSW and was promoted to Care Transitions Navigator. As Care Transitions Navigator, Sara will soon assist recently discharged hospital patients with the support needed to successfully recover at home.
This nomination will focus on the work Sara did as an Associate Case Manager.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Social workers have challenging careers: They see what most don’t care to see. They help those who many have refused to help. They work hard knowing that they can never work hard enough to satisfy the need. They work with low budgets and earn low wages.

Some burn out from the frustration of needing to do too much with too little. AND SOME DON’T. SOME JUST CARE TOO MUCH TO STOP.

SARA PASHAEE CARES. She cares a lot, and her client’s love it.

Recently when funding was reduced, the provision of basic items such as incontinent supplies and nutritional supplements was eliminated for Sara's homebound senior clients. “Can you imagine needing incontinent supplies and not having them?” exclaimed Sara. “Seniors need these items to maintain their dignity”. Sara shared her frustration with SeniorServ’s volunteer department, suggesting that perhaps volunteers would be interested in helping fill some of the unmet needs. It was a great idea. SeniorServ volunteers began providing everything from incontinent supplies and nutritional supplements, to toaster ovens, Access transportation passes and televisions. When the items were delivered, Sara was sure to take a picture and collect a personal thank you note from the client to the volunteer/donor. “This personal touch helps motivate the volunteers to keep on giving”, said Theresa Powell, Director, Volunteer Services. When she sees a need, Sara will do all she can to provide for that need, even if conventional funding sources are not available. She doesn’t do this because it is part of her job, she does it because it is part of her social conscience; part of her intrinsic giving nature.

SARA PASHAEE GIVES. She gives her time and energy to helping in every way possible

SARA PASHAEE FEELS. She has heart; Real heart. The type of heart that never stops giving; forever finding ways to give hope to those in despair.

SARA PASHAEE LISTENS. She hears the needs of homebound seniors whose prior experience has told them no one cares enough to stop and listen.

SARA PASHAEE SEES. She sees beneath the surface. She knows bitterness and resentment is often a shield for hurt and despair. She sees the good in the eyes of every client, no matter how difficult their personalities may be. She sees needs.

SARA PASHAEE KNOWS. She knows how to creatively seek resources to continue providing the most she can for her clients,even when budget cuts seemingly eliminate many of the basic items they need to live independently and with dignity in the homes they love.