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Theresa Powell

Theresa Powell

Position: Director of Volunteer Services

Organization: SeniorServ


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Theresa is at the center of everything relating to our volunteers. She identifies areas of need and seeks to fill them either with people who have notified her of their interest, or by diligently sending feelers out into the community. She manages over 600 volunteers and does it with such respect that every single volunteer feels special.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Theresa Powell is a symbol of caring characteristic to me. She always tries her best to provide best assistance to our seniors. When case managers have clients who have special needs and there is no fund to help at the time, we come to her and talk with her. It seems to me that most of the time she has resources to help or she writes the needs down and informs us when there is help.
I remember that she helped one of my clients to get a hospital bed last year. The client has curative spine, heart problems, and hip pain. The client had to lie down on a couch for years until I saw her and talked with Theresa about the client’s situation. Since then, whenever I see her, she looks very comfortable on her hospital bed. The client really appreciated Theresa’s assistance.
Another case is a client who was in a hospital when volunteers called to ask what he wanted for Christmas that year. By Christmas time, Theresa and her volunteers are crazily busy even though they prepare for the Christmas Gifts Programs months in advance. This client has cancer. He always feels cold. He called and asked for a warm coat medium size. When Theresa stopped by my office, I mentioned the case, thinking that Theresa cannot do anything about it because all the gifts had been delivered. Surprisingly, 3 days after, Theresa came to me, bringing a very nice warm coat. She bought the coat for my client, using her own money to buy it. I told her she does not have to do it. Guess what she said” “I want to get it for him!” Theresa has such a heart. That is moving!
Recently in May, I came to Theresa when I had a client who had been wearing the same pair of reading glasses for 10 years. The client had to use her old glasses plus a magnifying glass and she still could not see things clearly. Luckily, Theresa was able to find funds somewhere and allowed me to use the money to help the client with a new pair of glasses. The optometrist was so impressed about the assistance that he did not charge the client for eye exams. Is that wonderful? I believe when we try to help people, others feel like they want to do it as well.
And that is what Theresa does - she inspires others to be the hero that she is!!