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Megan Stillwell

Megan Stillwell

Position: Activities Director

Organization: The Regency


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Megan is the Activity Director and coordinates the daily activities and plans phenomenal events for the seniors that live at The Regency, a retirement community in Laguna Woods.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Megan coordinates events for the seniors at The Regency, but she does so much more than that. She is a friend and confidant to them, ensuring residents enjoy every moment and lead thriving lives regardless of their age and varying degrees of independence. Her ability and complete dedication to providing seniors with vibrant, fulfilling lives is what sets her apart and makes her a deserving the Hero at Large award.

The extensive schedule of activities Megan creates and oversees includes everything from birthday parties and card games to Tai Chi, art classes and dances. Megan also takes individual requests into consideration and aims to offer something each day that piques the interest of each resident.
Megan is the hardest working, most self-sacrificing person I have ever met. She plans, coordinates and executes a very impressive schedule of events for her residents. I previously had the pleasure of working with Megan and was continuously impressed with her above and beyond attitude that is just a part of her character.