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Patty Mouton

Patty Mouton

Position: VP of Outreach and Public Policy; Director, Education and Public Policy

Organization: Alzheimer's Association, Orange County


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Patty Barnett Mouton has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare in Orange County. In her current role, Patty serves as the Vice President, Outreach & Advocacy, for the Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County Chapter. She manages clinical outreach and education for physicians, nurses, social workers and many other health care and senior care providers. Patty manages Advocacy and Public Policy activities for the Orange County chapter at the local, state and federal levels. Patty is active in the Orange County Aging Services Collaborative, serving on the Advocacy/Public Policy committee, the OC Healthy Aging Initiative committee and has recently been appointed to the CalOptima Member Advisory Committee, representing the issues of older adults. For the past three years Patty has served as co-chair of the OC POLST Medical Coalition.

Patty is an approved instructor for a variety of professional organizations, including: the California Board of Registered Nursing, CA Board of Behavioral Sciences, CA Community Care Licensing, CA Nursing Home Administrator Program, CA Board of Physical Therapy, CA Board of Occupational Therapy, the CA Bar Association and ELNEC (End of Life Nursing Education Consortium).

Patty and her husband Roger live in Laguna Niguel and are happy grandparents of Miranda, Arthur, Serena and Keegan. Keiko, their rescue dog, rules the roost!

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Patty has served on staff at the Alzheimer’s Association for 8 years, and for 5 years prior as a volunteer speaker and support group facilitator. She has been active in the Pastoral Care program at Mission Hospital, and is currently involved in training for animal assistive therapy in dementia. Her previous professional and volunteer roles included hospice care, special vigil programs for the actively dying, and liturgical music. Her passion for improving the quality of life and quality of care of older adults was born during her tenure in hospice care. She is happiest when sharing information. She has been a featured lecturer and keynote speaker across Orange County, and recently presented at the California Council of Geriatrics and Gerontology at USC.

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Patty Mouton is not only an “all of the above” amazing Aging professional, but she is also a woman of compassion, focusing her attention on the very human ways she can be of service to others, especially in our field. Orange County’s Aging Network is so much the better for Patty Mouton working in it! Every second Saturday, she opens the ALZOC door, turns on the lights and air, and gives up an afternoon every month for my organization, The Let’s Group: Consulting and Consortium of Professional Gerontologists as an act of kindness, community and Gerontological unity. So, here is a short story from me, Di Patterson, the 2012 Senior Care Hero Award winner for Outstanding Advocate, Gerontologist and Educator of the Year, in appreciation of “our” Patty:
Last September 12th, Patty and I were texting during the day of the Awards ceremony about what we were going to wear that night. We were both nominated and rooting for each other! We met in the Nixon Library lobby and hung together during cocktail hour. Going our separate ways to our dinner tables, we gave each other a hug. When our category was called, I distinctly remember a man at the table next to mine excitedly say, “Patty Mouton will definitely win!” I (almost) felt bad as I walked to the podium, and I turned to Patty at the ALZ table and acknowledged her wonderfulness along with the other nominees. Like the man said, Patty really should win. This award has truly been awesome for me this past year, and I can think of no one more deserving than Patty Mouton in 2013!

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#1. I’ve had many mentors growing up; Patty being one of them. Actually, she’s one of the best of them. Her passion for helping the world has been evident the first day I’ve met her. She continually goes above and beyond her duties. I have learned through Patty that the possibilities of one’s impact on the world can be limitless as long as you have a passion that wakes you up in the morning, and a work ethic that keeps you working towards that goal. She has both that fire and that perseverance. This is exactly the type of leadership we need in the community speaking on behalf of the growing population of older adults. Patty keeps me inspired and motivated to do the same with my work. Every day I learn something new and useful from her that I can use both professionally and as a person. She is compassionate, caring, loving, and kindhearted, but has a certain influence within the community that sparks a fire to do something productive in this world. That’s because her passion is contagious. I am so glad to have this opportunity to be working with her, and I cannot think of a better person that this award should go to. Thanh To, Healthcare Outreach Specialist, Alzheimer’s Association, Orange County Chapter

#2. I have known Patty for seven months, and the more I have come to know Patty, the more I realize I have never met anyone quite like her. The first time I met Patty was as a graduate student interviewing for potential positions at the Alzheimer’s Association. I remember being nervous, but Patty’s warm and up-beat personality quickly calmed my nerves.
Working in the Advocacy and Outreach Department, I have come to admire Patty for her many talents and skills. One of the first skills I came to recognize was Patty’s graceful way of communicating with other people. Patty has a perfect mix of professionalism and warmth that has helped her build relationships and connections that would have been difficult to start without the right approach.
I believe Patty has multiple gifts that have enabled her to be successful in the field of aging and life in general. First, Patty has the gift of making meaningful connections with everyone she meets, whether that is connecting through her love of animals or love of causes close to her heart. I have observed that she consistently makes time for anyone that needs her help or expertise. Once those connections are made, Patty has the ability to bring people together around important issues. I have seen multiple co-workers utilize this skill by asking Patty if she could promote an event that needed to be filled.
I am honored to be able to work with Patty and learn from her unique skill set. Patty is a driven, compassionate, and energetic woman who continues to offer herself to everyone she comes in contact with. Christine Chow, MSG, Orange County Aging Services Collaborative

#3. Patty is an extraordinary leader. Her talents, skills, and experience supersede her position and endeavors as a professional. I came to know Patty as a graduate student at California State University, Long Beach. She was the guest speaker within my Social Policy and Aging course. I was overwhelmed by her knowledge for older adult healthcare and politics.

Her ability to effectively reach into the community and gain incredible amounts of support for families, caregivers, and individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s disease at the local, state, and congressional level has been very invigorating and motivating for me. Her commitment to enthusiasm and support is an act of honor that should never be hidden rather openly rewarded and shared as a testimony to her remarkable acts of servitude towards this unrecognized group of people.

Patty’s passion for others has enabled me to simplify my direction as a student and professional within my pursuits of older adult education. I feel very privileged to be her assistant. The opportunity to have Patty as my boss encourages me to be the BEST. She is a remarkable mentor and role model for ALL who seek to pursue a career within the older adult community. Shawna N. Henry, MSGc; Administrative Assistant, Outreach & Advocacy, Alzheimer’s Association Orange County Chapter