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David Payne MD

David Payne MD

Position: Owner and Spine surgeon

Organization: Industrial Orthopedics Spine & Sports Medicine


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Dr. Payne takes the insurances that other specialist refuse to take because of the pay rates. He also travels to six locations to see his senior patients. Dr Payne has a big heart I seen were a patients insurance didn’t want to pay him and he still seen the patient until today and haven’t told the patient anything about the insurance problem and he won’t even ask her to pay.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Dr Payne has done so many amazing things for people and seniors. He had a couple of tough few months were his house caught on fire and he lost everything good thing his two little girls and wife were safe. I seen were people that he does business with just take advantage of him money wise and he really doesn’t know until he hired me. His office almost got burglarized. Just some bad luck for this guy that doses everything for others. I would do anything just to see him win.