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Friday Osabuohien

Friday Osabuohien

Position: Hospice Nurse

Organization: OC Hospice


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
I am proud to nominate one of America’s newest citizens for this prestigious award. Friday Osabuohien, born in Nigeria, started his professional life as an Optometrist in the Philippines, but he finally discovered his passion in America.

New to the country, Friday started out as a caregiver in a Board and Care home, where he learned about hospice through one of the residents he attended.

His African culture had always discouraged being around death and the dying, so he found being with his dying patient especially painful. However, it was through this experience that Friday learned hospice was actually a good thing.

Dedicated to his love of caring for the elderly and wanting to be there for them during their last days, Friday persevered through his temporary pain from the loss to help others. He went from Caregiver to CNA to Medical Assistant and, finally to LVN where he now specializes in hospice nursing at OC Hospice.

Now he says, “I feel inner peace, when caring for these patients.”

Friday enjoys every opportunity that hospice nursing provides for hands on patient care. He shares that “It is my goal is to go to them in whatever situation they are going through…and to make them comfortable.”

He further explains that he accomplishes this with his high level of patience. “You really have to be patient, because it is not easy for them at this stage. Sometimes they are frustrated. But no matter what, I know they are going through a difficult time. They just need a special, loving touch.”

He also realizes that senior hospice patients are not on the same time clock as everyone else and Friday knows to give them the time they need. He proudly shares that his elderly patients know him for his patience and they thank him for that.

Not only that, but Friday extends his compassion to his senior friends at church. He greets them and makes sure they are properly settled in for the service and he loves joining them on bus tours just in case they need his help.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Friday is dependable. Call him and he’ll be there!

Friday is loving. His patients know he cares and is there just for them.

And Friday is friendly...

He thinks his name makes him unique. Apparently the name Friday is fairly common in Nigeria, but not so in the Philippines or America. So he has found that people like his name and Friday believes that friendship starts with a name.

Friday Osabuohien is a Senior Care Hero because...

He is dedicated to the elderly.

He cares.

He provides a loving touch.

He listens.

He is patient, taking all the time his patient requires.

He is friendly to those who need a friend.

Co-worker Erin Kim, MSW adds, “Friday does not hesitate to advocate for his patients. If he sees a need, he is diligent in finding a solution.”

“Everyone loves Friday,” shares co-work John Gutierrez. “He has a heart of gold. And his smile warms up a room that might otherwise be gloomy. Something about his compassion makes him so special!”

“I first met Friday five years ago when he came to help my brother in law, Gordon, who had just been diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer,” shares Cole Franklin, Spiritual Counselor at OC Hospice.

“Friday became a friend to everyone in the family during this terrible time. I was diagnosed with prostate cancer during this time and opted for surgery. Friday went out of his way to bring Gordon to see me in recovery at the hospital. Friday paid attention to all of us and brought comfort and knowledge to a situation that is truly indescribable in its horror. He is still a friend to all of us five years later.”

Truly this is a man who deserves to be awarded the Senior Care Hero Award!