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Anne Lemaire

Anne Lemaire

Position: Director, Business Development

Organization: Providence Little Company of Mary Medical Center San Pedro


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Anne initiated a "Center for Optimal Aging" program to address the needs of seniors related to "aging in place". It is an interprofessional consultative program that includes 5 distinct services - a Physical Therapy assessment, an Occupational Therapy assessment including the Cognitive Performance Test which identifies the level of independence and problem solving the client achieves on standardized tests, a pharmacologic review, a nutritional review and a gerontologist review of all assessments with community resource recommendations. She identified the unmet need of this type of assessment in helping families and caregivers make quality decisions regarding a loved ones ability to safely live at home, live with supervision or require a more structured environment (placement) to be safe. She has continued to nurture the program's development far exceeding her traditional role of business analysis. She has orchestrated extensive caregiver training seminars to support those who are caring for aging loved ones. She believes passionately that primary care physicians need this kind of comprehensive assessment to competently advise patients and loved ones about their ability to "age in place".

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Though Anne is a Director of Business Development and by job title would be expected to determine new business strategies, this particular program has been so personally important to her that she has nurtured it's component development from prescription to methodology, marketing to physicians, education series for caregivers of seniors, and guaranteed continued financial support to continue this program by identifying a donor to fund the unpaid services. This is not a "money maker" for the hospital. She passionately believes seniors need a comprehensive assessment by skilled professionals to help identify safety risks and community available adaptations that would allow them to "age in place" and not "be placed" prematurely. Many physicians don't have the time to complete a battery of tests nor review all community available services that would enable a senior to successfully stay at home. Families are often overwhelmed and don't know where to access these services. The Center for Optimal Aging provides the physicians and families important information about their loved ones and strategies to allow continued living at home for the greatest amount of time.