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Hilda Pokalsky

Hilda Pokalsky

Position: Senior Center Staff

Organization: City of Los Alamitos


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
Hilda is o staff at the Los Alamitos Senior Center. In October, she will celebrate her 13 year anniversary. Hilda worked for Verizon (previoulsly GTE)for 17 years. Along the way she and her Husband Leonard opened their own restaurant in Long Beach. They called it Good Time Charlie's. Things were going well for Hilda and Leonard. Then, Leonard suffered a stroke. Over the years, Hilda dedicated herself to Leonard's care. After about 11 years, Leonard passed; Hilda was beside herself. Hilda felt such a great void. Just a week after her husband's death, Hilda was walking, wondering, feeling lost. She happened upon the Los Alamitos Senior Center. She was welcomed in and confided that she desperately needed something to keep her busy and give her purpose. As luck and timing would have it, there was a place for her. Hilda has dedicated herself to the Center ever since.

Hilda is usually the first person you see as you enter the Senior Center. Among other tasks, she diligently watches over the bread program and playing a key role in getting food to seniors and bringing in additional funds to help with senior programming. She is there day in a day out. Hilda doesn't see this as a job; she sees this as an opportunity to be of service to people, all people and especially the seniors of the community.

What is this nominee’s involvement in senior care or senior issues
Hilda deserves this nomination simply because she doesn't come to the Los Alamitos Senior Center to work. No, she comes to give part of her day, part of herself to others. She makes sure to do her part so that the senior program is running smooth. She is very conscientious about all aspects of the program and makes everyone feel welcome as soon as they come in. She is friendly and easy to talk to. These are key signs of great customer service. This is the type of service that keeps people coming back. Every Senior Center should have someone like Hilda--someone who puts others first, welcomes you on your arrival and sincerely wishes you well when you leave.