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Fredy Dominguez

Fredy Dominguez

Position: Community Relations Director

Organization: Attentive Home Care


Why should this person be nominated? (What makes nominee unique; why should they be selected the winner of this category?
I'm proud to nominate Fredy Dominguez for the senior care hero
awards. I met Fredy when I was looking for care for my dad who was
diagnosed with a terminal illness and my mom was also having health
issues so she was not able to care for herself never the less for my

I was referred to Fredy by the administrator of the facility where my
dad was staying at. They gave me 3 different choices, but when I met
Fredy, I did not have to call anyone else. He was not there to sell me
or trying to get a case, he was there to help me, he listened to what
I needed, and more importantly to what my parents needed. He did not
only met with me, he met with my whole family and explained to us all
the options and the steps to take. My dad went home and the caregiver
was amazing. She became a rock and a support for my dad. Fredy made
sure that everyone did their job, that all my dad's needs where met.
Not just with his caregiver but also with all the different parties
involved. Unfortunately, my dad passed away few weeks after getting
home, but he had the best care and he and my mom were happy. Fredy was
a great support system, no matter the question or the time he was
there and if he did not have the answer he would find it for me.
After my dad's passing, my mom needed care as well, but she did not
want to stay home, cause she was sad every time she saw my dad's
belongings. So, Fredy helped me find the right place for her, I knew
this was not part of his job, but he did it because he cared about us.
He made calls and send me to the right locations and to people he
trusted. I do not know what I would had done without his help and

I told this to the person that introduced me to him and he told me
that Fredy not only works and helps seniors and their families
directly through his work, but indirectly as well. He does a lot of
advocacy work with healthcare professionals. He is part of the
American Board of Home care which educates not only seniors and their
families but also healthcare professionals in what to do when that
time arrives, what questions to ask and and choosing the the right
people and caregiver companies to work with.

He is a council of Advisor for the senior care hero awards, Committee
member for the long beach Alzheimer's Association Walk and does
networking events in LA and Orange County in which he has speakers
that provide education and networking opportunities for senior health
care professionals. He also has a newsletter that keeps the community
informed of what is happening in the senior care industry in Orange
and LA counties.

I do not know how to say how grateful I'm to had met Fredy. He is my hero, my dad's and mom' hero. I'm sure he had helped many more people in his long career in the senior industry So, I nominate Fredy for the senior care hero awards and hope most of you agree with my nomination.

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