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Rose Camey

Rose Camey

Position: Field Educator

Organization: St Joseph Home Health


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Rose is a RN Field Educator at our Home Health Agency. The majority of the patients we serve are elderly and Rose helps orient new employees to community nursing. As a bilingual nurse she is better able to meet the need of our Hispanic community as well.
A nurse comments, “Rose holds Peer Review meetings with our team, to include the Utilization Review Curse, Managers, Educators, and Directors. Rose gracefully shares her assessments of nurses new to home care, evaluates their progress, and collaborates with team members to help ensure a successful job transition. She works with our multidisciplinary team to orient clinicians and assist them to get up to speed every step of the way. Rose is present in person or by phone as the clinicians’ direct link to a best friend at work.” Because of her strong bonds with new employees she is able to give clear feedback immediately in a manner that is perceived as helpful, supportive, instructive and geared towards their success caring for our seniors.“
She is an individual who can see the bigger picture and responds to our changing ministry needs with flexibility and accountability and is described as “pure grace in action”. Rose consistently displays a calm and professional demeanor and offers a warm welcoming hospitality in every encounter. She is a caregiver who demonstrates receptivity in learning new skills to support quality patient care and the success of one’s co-workers and responds to any request with an attitude of “no problem, I will figure out a way to make it happen.”
Rose has stepped up to become a “super-user” during the computer transition to Allscripts electronic medical record. She makes herself available to help answer clinical questions, in a kind, open, ever patient, and non-judgmental way. She is considered to be a stabilizing force during these times of great change and uncertainty. She is an individual who shares clinical knowledge and expertise in order to help others reach their goals of quality care for our senior population. She is a caregiver who has a special way of putting others at ease so that they can take in constructive feedback to enhance their skill set and performance. Rose is a team player who is consistently works to support the greater need with a positive “can do” attitude that inspires others to respond in-kind.
A coworker commented, “When things don’t go according to plan there is never any blame placed on others. Rose gives people the benefit of the doubt and is very supportive of the teams’ requests for help.” She takes the time to get to know her co-workers and focuses attention on how to best meet each person’s individual needs and apply it to patient care. She works collaboratively with team members to encourage the best possible outcome is realized for our seniors. Although she has embraced a new and challenging role, she continues to see our elderly patients whenever the need arises, included the vulnerable Spanish speaking population we serve. She is a life line for new orientees and demonstrates a safety net for those who are struggling to learn the complexities of home care.
A co-worker contributes, “Rose has always supported her team, meeting the needs of senior patients especially those of Hispanic descent who may need more “TLC” to understand and navigate their health care. She also helped her team orient to new processes, and takes new employees under her wing. She understands and customizes their learning experiences based on their individual skill set to optimize a safe learning experience and positive integration into our work culture.
A co-worker comments, “Rose has been instrumental in developing educational tools to help clinicians learn and get processes right on the front end, which helps prevent redundancy and rework. She is there for us! She supports us every step of the way and responds to questions 100 times over. Rose has a compassionate presence and great patience. She is willing to help by picking up more patient visits in order to meet staffing and provides culturally sensitive care. She has taken on the role of field educator and she is mentoring new staff as they become oriented at the ministry. She is non-judgmental, kind, open minded and flexible. Rose strives to keep learning and to help others learn as well. She is accountable for her own actions and she is supportive of not only her team but of all teams and all clinicians. She is honest, respectful, and truly cares about her patients and all clinicians and team members.”
A co-worker contributes, “Rose is always pleased to orient new nurses and welcome them to our ministry. She is responsive to hearing any constructive feedback in order to try to genuinely better herself. She is an advocate for our seniors by listening to their concerns and problem solving concerns. She looks for positive solutions for the common good of all involved. She is motivated to further develop her skills to support continuous learning of herself and those she teaches.”
Her manager states, “By training new nurses Rose teaches them how to be a great nurse. Rose is a fantastic role model who sets high goals and standards of excellence. She consistently gives 110% when it comes to completing her job duties. She takes responsibility for her actions and she encourages nurses to do their very best.”
Another employee contributes, “Rose has stepped into a new role of field preceptor this past year and had to learn a new role while juggling the constant pressures of staffing challenges, high patient census, and needing to efficiently complete orientation within time constraints. Rose works with the vulnerable new employees who experience reality shock when faced with the uncontrolled environment of the home setting, a complex documentation system and cumbersome regulations and clinical skills by showing kindness, compassion, patience and demonstrating excellent clinical skills and expertise and organizational ability.”
She continues, “Rose organizes the learning experience of numerous new clinicians and coordinates everyone’s schedules. She is always positive and focuses on the orientee’s strengths; she has made an enormous impact in the quality of our orientation program and patient are. In addition to her educational responsibilities, she continues to see Spanish speaking elderly patients for Team 3, picking up patient visits whenever the need is there. She has learned the Allscripts EHR in order to help train new employees; this is an extremely stressful job that Rose handles with the utmost professionalism, calm demeanor and grace under fire. Rose is truly deserving of this award.”
In her role as an RN Field Educator for St. Joseph Home Health Agency, Rose has truly displayed to our senior community the values of the Sisters of St. Joseph of Orange.
St. Joseph Health-Home Health Agency is pleased to submit the nomination of
Rose Camey, RN Field Educator, for the 2013 Senior Services Award